Diamonds Engagement Rings Large Selection

At Petragems we have a huge selection of engagement and wedding rings in gold and many other materials. The rings are available with or without diamonds and in a variety of great models. For example, we have an excellent range of rings with so-called stardust, or heart-shaped pattern made either of diamonds or made in another metal color. The most popular engagement rings in gold are typically quite simple, without stones or with a simple stone. Click in and see our huge selection and find the perfect engagement ring today.

Which surfaces I can use?

When you look at engagement rings gold and read the through available information, you will notice that one of the description points are “Finish”. The most common surface is undoubtedly the glossy, but it’s far from the only option, and other surface may have a bigger influence on the ring than you might think. Otherwise identical rings can end up with quite different expressions, simply by changing the surface.

The matte surface is the most used after the blank. Just like the glossy surface, the matte surface is smooth to touch, it’s just matte, i.e. It does not shine as bright. One thing to note is that the matte rings will be blank with time. In contrast, glossy rings faint a little as they wear out.
The rough and textured surfaces may remind a bit of each other in appearance. The rough surface is somewhat rougher in execution and is rougher to touch. The structured surface on the other hand is more delicate and less apparent.

Another possibility is the hammered surface. As suggested, the surface is hammered uneven. It sounds violent, but it’s done in a stylish way and actually looks really great.

There are so many surface options when choosing the Unique engagement rings. Not only can the ring be made with different surface types, but you can also get rings with a combination of different surfaces. For example, mat/blank- and rough/smooth combinations look very beautiful. Generally a combination (whether it’s surface or metal types) brings something special to an otherwise “boring” ring and makes it interesting.