What is SEO And how Work With On Page SEO in 2017

If you have a website or planning on having one built in the future. the big topic for today is SEO more specifically- the three things that you need to understand, about you and how you use it effectively the goal is to -make your site easily searchable .By the people looking for whatever your side Hustle . let’s get started with the big question, what is SEO before we can get into the nitty-gritty of how to utilize it we need to First understand what that three- letter acronym even meet search engine” optimization is what are fun little topic.

Stand for it is the method or signs of having your site show up on the first page of a search and search engines such as Google. Whenever someone enters certain, keywords that relate to your site how ,is this important for- your website or business .It’s very simple and convenient world of online” purchasing and internet- browsing people will be much more likely to visit your site .if it appears at the top of a Google: search on the other hand if your site appears lower ,on the page or doesn’t appear at all and people -will be much less likely to visit your site or even be aware of” its existence website traffic equals little to no business consider. This if the first sight that someone finds in their Google search is what they were hoping to find that person would -have no reason to look elsewhere” once they landed on that site.

Why you want the -first sight they click, on to be yours but you have to take extra care and making sure that once they found your site. If they want to stay” for a little while and maybe even consider purchasing something- if the majority of your site visitors find your site through a search that doesn’t pertain to what, they want to find and they would be very likely to leave your site and wine up on -someone else’s the term for this is boundary is” the percentage of visitors On Page SEO Course 2017 to a website. Who immediately navigate away from that site they’re only doing one page . It would mean that your site is not reaching its target -audience for business , this is something that you’re experiencing right now .Most likely that too many of the wrong people are finding your site instead of your target audience what you want is a low bounce rate a low bounce rate means that most of the people who visit your site are staying .

When your site they find your content- interesting and relevant to the search the “answer to this is very good. It means that your target audience is being -reached effectively and the content of your site is” Meaningful to most of the people who land on your site remember that we, contact this is an important word .I see you and I’m going to touch- on later in this video so hopefully this gives you- a good idea of the importance of having your size now let’s get into the actual tips and tricks that will” help your site be visited by all of the right people you’re beautiful target audience trustemo.com will be able to stand tall amongst. All of the other sites like it because really no site will -ever be like it”.

It will be a golden shining -Sanctuary for all who enter it and all of your visitors, can fast can a digital Glory that is your site. it will grow from the seed bearing place that it is in right now and just something special right now the other sites- it’s their time up there but soon” it will be your time, up there it will be your time at the top of the Google search and when that day comes it will be known as the best site in the world.