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– Foundation of the company Nintendo by Fusajori Yamauchi, manufacturer of playing cards. It is the official supplier of the imperial family.

– Founding of SEGA .
– The idea and the very concept of video game comes from Ralf Baer in 1951 who worked in electronics for the company Loral Electronics (manufacturer of televisions).


– Willy Higinbotham, a physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory(government nuclear research center) creates the first video game in history on an analog computer coupled to an oscilloscope: a tennis game ” tennis for two ” (multiplayer and more!). The computer was actually used to calculate nuclear missile trajectories! The court is a simple horizontal line on which a point bounces. The first video game of the world is born!

He will not file any patent for his “game console” because he did not believe it, it was for him a simple amusement made in order to amuse the physicists during the coffee breaks!The video game was born thanks to the cold war!


– SpaceWar!is the second video game in history, or the first if we consider that this is the first real computer game (a Dec PDP-1). Created by S. Russel, JM Graetz and W. Wiitanen, students at MIT, it will be provided with every computer sold.
Two ships must escape the attraction of a planet. A student who will become famous will play: Nolan Bushnell.

Space war

Steve Russel (left) explodes at Space War with his friends


– Ralf Baer realizes his dream of finding another role on television. In 1967, he created the first games playable on a TV: a game of tennis and a game of cars. He is the true inventor of the game console. Baer files the patent in 1968.

Ralph Baer, ​​our God, here in family 

His first console, playable to two 


– Galaxy Game is the first terminal arcade. It is designed at Stanford University but will not be widely distributed.

– Two months after Galaxy Game, Nolan Bushnell designs a machine with a futuristic look: the Computer Space, a remake of “Space war” (which he was a fan) in a very stylish and futuristic case, is the true birth of the arcade for the general public.


– The Odyssey is marketed in 1972 by Magnavox and thus becomes the very first home console! It was designed by Ralph Baer .

Read Ralph Baer’s mini-interview for Gamopat

She used a layer system that was put on the TV. The audience, however, has trouble understanding the concept, the console is considered an extension of the TV and not as a gaming device, many believe that it works only on Magnavox TVs …

Playing on a television is a completely new and revolutionary concept that will require a long time of adaptation for the public. 

– Creation of the legendary firm ATARI by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. They had originally chosen the name Syzygy but since it was already deposited (!), They then fell back on Atari, a Japanese term from the game of Go. (Zizigi ca did not do it anyway!)

Bushnell and his superb pullover of the 70s

– Bushnell wants to launch a simple and easy to understand game (unlike Computer Space), It will then release the Arcade Pong terminal  , programmed by the awesome Al Alcorn . About 10,000 terminals were ordered, start of the success story for ATARI!

– Creation of Konami, which specializes in arcade games.

– Nintendo releases an arcade game based on an optical gun: Wild Gunman.

– Taito releases  Gunfight , the first game to use a real microprocessor rather than transistors. 

1976: COLECO

– The brand COLECO ( Connecticut Leather Company ) launches  TELSTAR , the first PONG console using integrated circuits (analog circuits before) for $ 50. There will be 9 different models and Coleco will be very successful.

– Fairchild Camera & Instruments launches its Video Entertainment System, renamed Channel F , the first console to use cartridges.

– Steve Jobs & Steve Wosniak (future founders of Apple!), Employees at Atari, developBreakout , based on an idea by Nolan Bushnell. A revolutionary new generation game, a breakout game, it will be realized in 5 days.

– The Warner seizes Atari. 


– Atari releases his ATARI PONG C100 console for $ 99 homes

– Atari takes the next step and presents an ultra-powerful gaming console: the ATARI Video Computer System (VCS), (later renamed Atari 2600). The code name was originally “Stella”. It will be launched in December for $ 199 with 2 controllers and one game. This is THE legendary console of the history of video games.

The ATARI VCS with its “wood” finish

– Nintendo releases its first ‘pong’ game console designed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electronic: the Color TV Game 6.

– Nintendo hires Shigeru Miyamoto, a boy probably with a bright future …

– Atari opens its first restaurant / arcade: the Pizza Time Theater.


– Release of Space invadersTaito, the game is a huge success in Japan and will be a worldwide success. This is the first “blockbuster” in the history of video games. It is also the first arcade game that saves the highest score.

– Magnavox Odyssey 2 launches in the US compete for the Atari 2600. The Odyssey 2 possesses a keyboard to enter his name in the games, or even typing small basic programs (without backing up !!!)

It looks like a computer, but it’s really a console 🙂

– Bushnell leaves ATARI pushed out by the Warner. He then takes care of his Pizza restaurants. Ray Kassar becomes the new boss of ATARI.


– The first portable console with Microvision MB, mini cartridge console and LED display.

– Atari badly reward the programmers of his games, their name does not even appear on the game. David Crane and other disappointed ATARI then decide to create the companyACTIVISION which becomes the first third-party video game publisher in the world.



– Mattel launches the Intellivision officially, with 12 cartridges (launched in France in 1982). The graphics are much better than the ATARI 2600 but the gameplay is not always at the top.

– Ball is the first Game & Watch Nintendo, the concept of watches a quarter turned into a mini game!

– Namco creates an arcade game that will be a hit in Japan: PAC MAN . Imported by Bally / Midway will be a worldwide success and Pac Man will become the most famous character of the Video Game.

– Williams releases the first arcade game with horizontal scrolling: DEFENDER. This is the first game with virtual events outside the screen (thanks to scrolling): impressive.

1981: MARIO! 

– Release of an arcade game directed by Miyamoto which will become mythical: DONKEY KONG with the appearance of Mario (JumpMan at the time)!


– Emerson Radio releases ARCADIA 2001 , known as ADVISION in France. A consoles console compete with the Mattel Intellivision (which it copies the joystick with a joytick screw) and ATARI 5200: 4Mhz, 1 kb of RAM, 1 voice, 4 sprites monochrome, 208×108 in 9 colors … The console arriving at hard to compete with the Intellivision will disappear quickly with the arrival of the powerful Colecovision.

– Coleco launches the CBS Colecovision  which offers a quality of play never seen approaching the arcade of the time. This is the luxury console of the moment, its capabilities explode those of the ATARI 2600 and Intellivision.

Coleco takes the opportunity to buy the right mega-hit of the moment at Nintendo:Donkey Kong for $ 250,000 The adaptation is superb, it will be sold in pack with the console. The game goes under the nose of Atari and Mattel!

– Atari launches the VCS 5200 , to compete with Colecovision (a console based on the architecture of the ATARI 400 and 800) priced at $ 299

– General Consumer Electronics (VCE) creates the Vectrex, the only game console vector of the story, delivered with its screen.

– Activision released a mega hit programmed by David Crane: PITFALL, which will sell 4 million copies.

– Midway realizes the TRON arcade terminal, taken from the first film in computer-generated images.


– Atari sold 25 million ATARI 2600 worldwide,

– Milton Bradley launches Vectrex in Europe,

– Coleco launches ADAM which transforms the Colecovision console into a microcomputer,

– Nintendo launches the ultra-powerful FAMICOM game console in JAPAN, “FAMIly COMputer”


“Crack” video game consoles at the end of 1983! No one is interested in the Atari consoles, Coleco or Mattel because the future seems to belong to the microcomputers … Only the Famicom will resist Japan. 


– ATARI releases the 7800 and  SEGA the MARK III in response to the Nintendo Famicom,

– Jack Tramiel acquires ATARI and decides to leave the consoles aside to devote himself fully to the microcomputers.

– Nintendo sold 2.5 million Famicom in Japan. Beginning of the success story for Nintendo!

– Coleco’s ADAM is faulty and sells badly.

– Colecovision drops to $ 49 in the US at the end of the year. Production is stopped. The only profits for Coleco are their Cabbage Patch Kid dolls !

– Coleco gets rid of its ADAMs stock.

– The FAMICOM arrived in the USA in 1985 under the name of NES . This is a surprising success on American soil.


– NES is sold with SUPER MARIO BROS in the USA

– Coleco loses $ 111 million.

– In front of the success of Nintendo in USA SEGA launches the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM on the American soil (the console Mark 3 of Japan).


– Atari transforms its Atari 800XL computer into a console with a separate keyboard, the System XE

– Commodore also tries its luck with the COMMODORE 64 GS (games system), a C64 without keyboard and cartridge holder : a big flop!

– NEC launches its game console, a technological gem: the PC-ENGINE .



– Coleco is bankrupt.

– SEGA launches a high-end 16/32 bit console: The MEGADRIVE . It is equipped with a powerful Motorola 68000 processor and excellent graphics capabilities.


– Hasbro buys Coleco in June.

– Nintendo invents the console that goes into the pocket: The GAMEBOY . Delivered with the game Tetris, the success is immediate!

– SEGA launches its 16/32 bit console in the USA: GENESIS ( MEGADRIVE in Europe) after an average success in Japan.

– Nec launches the PC ENGINE in the USA, under the name of TurboGrafx 16 , as well as a revolutionary module: THE CDROM2 , a CDROM reader to connect to the console which thanks to its huge storage capacity (600MB) will bring the video and CD sound to video games.
Gamers remain skeptical: CD videos and music bring nothing more to the gameplay, and it’s the appearance of loading times.

– ATARI launches with Epyx the LYNX portable console . Although more powerful than the Gameboy it will be a failure anyway: Few developers trust ATARI who wears moderately.


– Konix announces the development of a strange console proposing a steering wheel and a hydraulic seat (!!) … the console will never see the day!


– Amstrad released a console technically outdated for several years from its launch: theGX4000 . A CPC464 clone with a cartridge port instead of the K7 drive and an “overpowered” Z80A processor!

Rarely had we seen a game console as ridiculous! This is the beginning of the worries for Amstrad who will leave shortly after the world of micro-computer and video game.

– Release of the highly anticipated  SUPER FAMICOM (Super Nes) in Japan. Big success.

– SNK launches a console worthy of an arcade terminal: the NEO GEO.This console drives everything that exists on the market, but the price of the console and especially cartridges (between 1000 and 2000 f!) Will reserve it for the richest.

– Commodore launches the CDTV , a hybrid AMIGA-CDROM reader: flop.

– Nec out the  Turbo GT , a PC ENGINE pocket with color display! The luxury portable console of the time!


– Nintendo launches the Super Famicom in the USA (Super NES) and in Europe (Super Nintendo). The NES still sells very well almost 8 years after its launch!

The game Sonic arrives on Megadrive to counter the arrival of the Super Nes and demonstrate the capabilities of the Sega console.

– ATARI secretly prepares the release of a home console to compete with Nintendo and SEGA, its code name: The PANTHER!


– Release of the SEGA CD (Mega CD in Europe) and Wondermega (Multimega).unfortunately the games using the CD are of poor quality.

The Megadrive 2 with the Mega CD2 

– Nintendo looses Sony for the “SuperNes Playstation” CD console project. This is a turning point in the history of video games: If NINTENDO and SONY had finalized their project, the world of video games today would surely be very different. Imagine today a Nintendo / Sony alliance! 

The Nintendo Playstation prototype

– Nintendo turns to Philips (who designed the CDI), they will give them the right to use the name ZELDA for 2 or 3 mediocre CDI games!

1993: 3DO

– Trip Hawkins launches the 3DO concept , its goal: to make it the world standard for video games. Panasonic released the first model. It is unfortunately sold too expensive despite the obvious power of the hardware.

Panasonic 3DO-copy-1.jpg

-Devant the rise of hardware ATARI abandons the Panther for the JAGUAR, a 64-bit console (2 32-bit processors actually).



– SEGA releases the 32X to boost the very old MEGADRIVE,
– SEGA releases the SATURN in Japan,
– Sony launches alone and releases the PLAYSTATION in Japan at the end of the year, a very promising console that promises ultra-powerful.

– Nec also releases its new generation console: The PC-FX . equipped with a 32bit NEC V810 RISC processor at 21.5MHz … A flop due to its incompatibility with the PC Engine range and because of the arrival of the PSX.

– At the end of the year 1994 is the most complete “brothel”: Playstation, Saturn, 32X, 3DO, Jaguar, PC FX, Neo Geo CD … Who will live out of this jungle in 1995? The favorites are the Saturn, the standard 3DO and the mysterious Playstation of the newcomer Sony.Nintendo stays away from this war and announces nothing.


– The SATURN is launched worldwide

– Sony released the Playstation in the USA ($ 299) and then in Europe at a very competitive price (2070 francs) and with very good games from the start (like Ridge Racer).

– SEGA and 3DO, who are keen on the arrival of Sony, are approaching for a new 3DO console, but nothing will succeed. SEGA gives up the Mega Cd and the 32X.

– Nintendo released a funny console to place before the eyes: THE VIRTUAL BOY(launched at $ 179 in the States). This will be a monumental failure, the console will be abandoned the following year.

– ATARI crashes with the Jaguar, already passed, and announces (in desperation?) The arrival of a CD player for the console …

1996: NINTENDO 64

– The Playstation is a box and Sony lowers its prices . A stroke of genius for Sony who becomes a new video game giant to everyone’s surprise.

– The Saturn is selling well in Japan but not in the rest of the world. In addition 3D games suffer from the comparison with the Playstation.

– NINTENDO released the Nintendo 64 in Japan (formerly ULTRA64), 64-bit console, but less powerful than the Playstation, and still using the cartridge support (surely a mistake of Nintendo). The games will be quite expensive.

– The N64 is struggling in Japan against the 2 competitors in the CD format. But US sales are starting very well.

– The Jaguar is finished. Disappearance of ATARI, acquired by JTS, a manufacturer of hard disks. End of the myth.


– 20 million Playstation sold worldwide, the Playstation has already won the 32/64 bit war (it will be sold until 2003!). SEGA accuses the blow.

– Nintendo announces the development of a Cdrom player for the N64, the DD64.

– Rumor has it: SEGA is working on a new 128-bit console

– Sony announces the development of the Playstation 2 (for late 1998?)

– Gunpei Yokoi the inventor of Game & Watch and the Gameboy dies in a car accident .

– Nintendo talks about a 32-bit portable console “Atlantis” to replace the Gameboy (?!)


–  ZELDA Ocarina of time on Nintendo 64 is a huge success and a little boost the console.

– Majesco relaunches the Genesis (Megadrive) in the US at $ 50, with a model 3 devoid of expansion bus and Z80 processor.

– SEGA releases its new 128-bit game console, Katana, which will be renamed at the last minute DREAMCAST . Sega plays its future on this console, the Japanese launch is successful in late 1998. The era of 128 bits begins!


– The development of the PS2 is confirmed, it will use the new support in the mode: the DVD. Sony is doing a lot of media buzz around its future console by exaggerating its power (so surely to limit the sales of Dreamcast).

– The Gameboy Color finally arrives and Pokemon, planetary success, will boost sales of Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

– Bandai releases Wonderswan in Japan, a small black and white notebook. And SNK does the same with the Neo-Geo Pocket. The success of the Gameboy is jealous!


– JTS, the ATARI repurtor goes bankrupt.

– Sony unveils its PLAYSTATION 2  in Japan, the processor that equips the console is nicknamed by Sony  Emotion Engine. 

– Microsoft announces the development of its game console, with Pentium 3 processor, hard drive and Gforce 3 card … anti-Microsofts are skeptical and are already making fun …

– Nintendo announces the development of the Gameboy Advance . They join IBM.


– Nintendo announces its 128-bit console in association with IBM: the Gamecube , with a mini-dvd player.

– Hasbro Interactive (who bought Coleco) is bought by Infrogrames which will be renamed Atari … In short, Coleco becomes Atari! Astonishing no? !!

– Microsoft announces the Xbox for 2001 and inflates a little the forecasting characteristics of my machine, the market of the game on pc evolving very quickly, one goes to a processor 733 Mhz.

– Sony launches a revamped and reduced version of the Playstation, the PSONE.

– The PS2 is finally released in Japan and the USA. (in France a few months later). But no real good title is available. Tekken Tag Tournamentand Ridge Racer are a bit disappointing compared to what was advertised. Sony would he lie to us?

– Sega drops the price of the Dreamcast, which is still doing quite well thanks to a catalog of games much higher in quality to the PS2 … for half the price!


– The Dreamcast is ultimately too expensive for SEGA, it is abandoned in February. SEGA announces that it will no longer want to build consoles and focus solely on the game. The number of games in production on the Dreamcast will then quickly collapse. The fans are desperate for this news, the Dreamcast having a big rating with “gamers”. SEGA will now develop on PS2 Xbox and Gamecube is the revolution!

– The Nintendo GBA is a big hit (despite the screen without lighting).

– Finally a big hit on PS2: Gran Turismo 3. We are then reassured about the technical capabilities of the console. Even though the game offers a weak AI and no distortion on the vehicles, the graphic rendering is exceptional.

– In September the Nintendo Gamecube comes out in Japan. No big hits for the launch, we expect the future Mario and Zelda to judge the console.

– A UFO video game is appearing on PS2: GTA III. More than a game is the birth of a genre and a mythical series.

2002: THE XBOX

– The most anticipated game on PS2 arrives: Metal Gear Solid 2. Even if technically it is very successful the opinions are shared: too much blah blah and a gameplay a bit rough.

– The XBOX is coming out in Europe, with HALO as its flagship game, but the beginnings are very shy (at more than 400 € this is hardly surprising!). In Japan it is the absolute bide.Only the USA is doing quite well. We are afraid for the future of the XBOX …

– The Gamecube comes out in Europe accompanied by a game of the Star Wars license quite impressive.


– The PS2 dominates the debates without difficulty, it is a “cardboard” everywhere in the world, the repository is diversified, we already know that it won the battle.


– Given the considerable success of the PS2, Nintendo and Microsoft cling. The repository of Gamecube and Xbox is slowly getting better and quality hits are beginning to shade the PS2. Few titles on Gamecube but exclusive brand licenses: Fzero GX, Zelda, Metroid Prime and Mario Kart are exceptional.

– A years rich enough in video games, probably the flagship year of the 128-bit generation, with mega hits like GTA SAN ANDREAS, HALO 2, GRAN TURISMO 4 , METAL GEAR SOLID 3.

– This is also the year of the revival of “doom like” on pc with three strong titles: FAR CRY, DOOM 3 and HALF LIFE 2.

– Sony relooks its PS2 with the PStwo, a version ” slim-fast “of its console of living room, very compact with an integrated network port.

– Sony decides to tackle the monopoly of Nintendo by announcing a portable console for the end of the year: the  PSP . Nintendo also announces a new generation notebook: TheNintendo DS. The launch of both consoles in Japan at the end of the year is very successful. The fight is now on home consoles and laptops.

– Microsoft is reassured: the Xbox is now selling very well in the US (sales are almost equal with the PS2 at the end of the year thanks to the hit Halo 2 ) and pretty good in Europe.Microsoft is a leader in online video gaming with Xbox Live. For Japan the report of failure of the XBOX is final.

2005: The XBOX 360

– Microsoft surprises by announcing the release of an ” XBOX 2 ” for the end of the year!They absolutely want to take the lead in the future Sony PS3 (as announced in 2006).

– Nintendo is preparing a mysterious Nintendo “Revolution” console for 2006 as well. The revolution would come from the controller according to the rumor.

– The Nintendo DS goes out in Europe in March, the success is at the rendezvous, the PSP without a European date is slow.

– The 3 new generation consoles are presented at the E3 of Los Angeles: the XBOX 360 ,Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution .

– Nintendo announces the arrival of a new Gameboy: The Gameboy Micro , a revamped GBA miniature version.

– The Sony PSP is launched in Europe on September 1st.

– At the end of November the Xbox 360 is launched in the USA, with big problems of stock, and also a lot of defective consoles (overheating, “freeze” of the console). It is launched in Europe on December 2nd. In France the number of consoles on sale is ridiculous: 30 000, it will not be found at the end of the year. Finally, a week after Europe, the Japanese launch is catastrophic, 3 times lower than the launch of the first xbox (which was already a huge failure).

– For the Christmas holidays the Nintendo DS is an unprecedented level of sales, especially in Japan where it will sell 2 million! In France the DS of opportunity is 250 euros and the game Nintendogs up to 100 euros! It’s the Nintendo DS madness! 


Nintendo DS Lite , revamped version of the DS. It’s again a cardboard in Japan.

– Nintendo announces the Revolution console worldwide for the end of the year. The console will have a “retro-gaming” feature via download: the games Nes, Super Nes, N64 and Gamecube will turn on the console, but also games Megadrive and PC Engine following an agreement with Sega and Hudson.

– The release of the Playstation 3 is pushed back because of the support chosen, the Blu-Ray, which is not ready yet. In March Sony announces a worldwide release of the console for November 2006.

– Just before the E3 Nintendo renames its console Revolution in Nintendo Wii. It’s the shock, the criticism is almost unanimous: the name is very bad. But strangely it is from this moment that Nintendo ignites the press and the players!

– At the end of the year, the Wii was released at a price of € 249, it’s a huge success, stocks are too weak in the face of demand.

– Release of the PS3 in Japan and the USA. Sales are struggling to take off. The European exit is rejected.


– Release of the PS3 in Europe for € 600. The launch evenings are a bide everywhere in Europe, and especially in Paris where almost nobody came to celebrate the event on the banks of the Seine.

– The Xbox 360 has a great deal of reliability concerns, service returns are very numerous.

– Sony announces the release of a new model of PSP “slimfast” in September: finer, with video output and better batteries.

– Faced with low sales of its PS3 consoles, Sony urgently launched a new model to 399 € in October: the PS3 40GB amputated a few memory card / USB ports and backward compatible with the PS2! Strange behavior, Sony always put forward the backward compatibility as an essential element of success.

– Sony announces a new model of PS2, even more “slim” than the PSTwo and with the power reintegrated into the console.

The Nintendo Wii is a huge global success. It is ahead of the general surprise the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and creates a new fashion: the casual gaming, because of its games oriented for most very general public and not “gamers”. Nintendo succeeds in reaching a new audience: women and the elderly. 


– Toshiba abandons the HD-DVD. The Blu Ray won the format war.

– Updates of the “next-gen” consoles: the hard disk of the PS3 goes to 80GB and that of the Xbox 360 to 60GB.

– Apple turns its Ipod Touch & Iphone into a game console: it is now possible to download games. SUPER MONKEY BALL Sega opens the ball.

– In September the Xbox 360 Arcade rose to 179 € and is by far the cheapest console on the market against a Wii that does not decline and a PS3 remains at 399 €. Microsoft’s console takes colors in the US where it returns to the top of sales.

– The PS3 has a lot of trouble in Japan: in September the Xbox 360 even managed to sell better for a few weeks.

– Nintendo announces the Nintendo DSi, a new version of the DS with 2 cameras, the removal of the GBA port for an SD port, on-line features: internet and download games.She leaves in November in Japan.


– April 3 release of the Nintendo DSi in Europe, and the next day in the USA.

– In April the PS2 goes to 99 $ (99 euros in Europe)

– Sony unveils the PSP Go! at E3 2009. a PSP with flowing screen and without physical support. The goal is to counter the Apple iPhone and the DSi. The price is high: $ 249.

– Still at E3 Microsoft presents its Project Natal, a camera that detects and reproduces your movements with recognition of the way. Sony also presents an accessory designed to capture your movements. The two giants are determined to counter the Wii Nintendo

– Release of the slim PS3 in September, the price goes to € 299
– Release of the PSP Go in October, € 249 in France. The console is a global flop.


– The future Nintendo notebook is revealed: the Nintendo 3DS. It will be released in March 2011 and will offer an option graphics reliefs without glasses.
3DS double screen
– in september 2010 releases thePlaystation Move , accessory that aims to compete with the Wii Remote Nintendo.

– In November it is the turn of Microsoft to launch its casual accessory: Kinect , more advanced because it allows to play with the body through a camera. The result is not really convincing.


– In March the Nintendo 3DS, the success will be very average, forcing Nintendo to review the price down sharply at the end of the year.

– Sony announces the PS Vita , exit the UMD support, a proprietary memory card format will be proposed.

– Nintendo announces the Wii U which will have the distinction of integrating a controller-touch tablet.

iwata wii u


– The 3DS is out of the box, the console hits the charts, helped by Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

– Release of the PS Vita end of February in Europe.

ps vita box

– Release of the Wii U at the end of the year, the first console incorporating a touch pad as a controller . This allows among other things to continue playing while watching a TV program. The best excluded from the line-up are Zombi U, NintendoLand and New Super Mario Bros. U.


– Sony announces the PS4 and Microsoft the Xbox One . Rumors announce an obligatorily connected Xbox One and a market of the ocassion locked.

– At E3 Sony and Microsoft are exhibiting their consoles, which must be released before Christmas. The PS4 will cost $ 399 and will be unzipped and the Xbox One will cost $ 499 with an imposed Kinect and console zoned. Microsoft confirms the mandatory connection and the controlled opportunity market … Anger rises on the Web and Microsoft has trouble communicating. Sony is the big winner of the E3.

xbox one photo HD

PS4 winner

– At the end of the E3 the Xbox One creates controversy, Microsoft then backs up and removes the mandatory connection, the anti-opportunity protection and dezonne the console! But the branding ‘Xbox’ is scratched …

– Nintendo announces a strange model of 3DS: the 2DS ! The same thing but without the 3D effect and without the possibility to fold the screen …

nintendo 2DS photo

– Release at the end of the year of Xbox One and PS4. Rumors are confirmed: the PS4 seems a little more powerful.


– The PS4 is selling better than the Xbox One. In the emergency Microsoft decides to no longer impose Kinect to align its price with that of the PS4.
– Nintendo announces the New3DS , an improved 3DS with a second stick, 2 extra triggers, a better 3D 3D relief, and a slightly more powerful hardware with more RAM.
– Death of Ralf Baer (92 years old), considered the inventor of the game console.



– In front of the semi-flop of the Wii U (which struggles to exceed 10 million units sold) Nintendo generates the buzz by announcing a Nintendo NX (codename) that could come out in 2016. Some games like Zelda or Metroid seem be canceled for the next generation.

– Sony and Microsoft announce before E3 new PS4 and Xbox One more powerful, with new components more powerful, while remaining backwards compatible.
– Nintendo announces the release of the NX in March 2017 visit to play online games https://apkpurez.com/