What You Need To Know About Evening Clutches

If you are going out on a date or attending an evening wedding party, you need to have a clutch. There are two main types of evening clutches that you can have: clutches with straps and those without. A bag without a strap looks classy and ideal when you are attending a formal evening party. To contrast with evening here is http://happydaysblog.com/category/morning/ which relates to morning and have great information. The main flaw with the bag is that it leaves you with only one free hand. You also can’t carry a lot of things in the clutch to prevent it from being too heavy.

If you will be carrying a lot of things, you should go with a strap bag. It doesn’t look classy but it allows you to carry a lot of things. It’s also rare to lose it.

Factors to consider when choosing an evening clutch

For you to look trendy you need to choose best evening clutch. The factors that you need to consider when making the choice include:

Material: Clutches are made from different materials including: plastic, fur, velvet, silk, leather, satin, beads, sequin, and leather. Each material is ideal for different occasions. For example, when you are attending a very formal wedding party, you should go with a satin or silk wedding clutch. If you aren’t sure of the right bag to choose, you should go with a leather bag. According to experts, a leather bag complements almost any outfit. Leather is also a quality material thus gives you some class.

Color: Just as the bags come in different materials, they also come in different colors. Fashion experts recommend that you coordinate the color of your clutch with your jewelry and outfit. You can wear a clutch that matches your clothing or choose a contrasting color. If you are wearing a dull outfit, it’s recommended that you avoid wearing a matching bag as it will make you look too dull.

Prints and patterns: The decision to wear a printed bag or not should be informed by the outfit that you are wearing. If wearing a printed outfit, you should carry a bag with a solid color but if the outfit has a solid color, bring out your cheeky side by wearing a clutch with an overall solid color.

Clutch tips you should know

When carrying a clutch you need to have all the things that you need for the evening. The things that you should have include: mints, safety pins, cash, driver’s license, small brush, mini perfume, lipstick, powder, tissues, backup phone charger and any other things that you might need. When packing these things, ensure that they perfectly fit your bag. Plenty of women have had accidents with their clutches by packing too many things than their bags can carry. This shouldn’t be you.

If you are going to dance, avoid dancing with the evening clutch. Always leave it on top of the table under the watch of your friends.