Computer virus infection; this is what needs to be done

Virus and malware is always a risk to our data and our computers. They are constantly evolving and new threats to the network daily.But what can a user, perhaps inexperienced computer show symptoms of infection or open infected? You can do so much … often alone and without having to spend a penny!

In this guide, we will explore some simple steps in own darkness, but we spend money to clean infection of machines. By remembering the basic rules that form the basis of the defense careful of malicious codes and gives advice on some programs is widely used today, and without we can reach together to achieve our goals. You can get best software from


This guide will often be subject to change based on existing software in a given period.

Simple rules to prevent infections and protect your system:

Install a good antivirus, also free and updated frequently, especially before downloading the email: Currently suggest Italian AVIRA as a good product, among the best products in free practice without the virus.

Always install security updates on Windows systems: it makes an important contribution to eliminating the risk of infection by viruses or other malware and improves certain uses of the system.

The forecast to satisfy operational messages: often system sends critical or not, if something is not working as it should … more leggiamoli very carefully and answers (if necessary) in the most logical way and not by chance!

10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses.

Forecast for each:

This is a software that, once installed, make sure that the installation of other programs …. very often the user is warned of this study, but other times the messages are not very visible or light, Sometimes almost hidden. … It is good that the user is aware of, and deny the possibility that these additional programs if you do not want to occasionally lead to security issues.

Be careful with emails:

Most infections are transmitted via email. We pay attention to every email, do not open in a foreign language or with parts that do not remind us of something familiar…. distrust of sacrifice, virus writers often focus on users’ curiosity and their fear of Disbelief…. email banks, post offices, large companies … we will never get in touch with you by email to a friend. If there is something that does not convince us, cestiniamola immediately. But also pay attention to seemingly real messages, but unexpectedly…. For example, here is a fake email … In the first image we can see an email that came to my receipt letter box to:

Those who want to know more about Infection Control our article on these topics, which appears.

Symptoms of infection in the system:

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world; it is also the most attacked system by virus writers.Therefore, those who use the system wait at least once in life at the different levels of a type of infection on the computer.But how do you recognize the consequences of infection?

The most common symptoms of computer infections are today:

Spontaneous open windows, often with advertising or adult without user has made a specific request to open.

Navigation slow or almost absent.

Money or install miraculous software to erase hypothetical problems in the computer.

Slow general and quite marked the whole machine.

Virus infection reports.

Reports from email friends sent from your account without your permission.

Antivirus software cannot be installed.

Inability to visit some places that deal with computer security.

Inability to download files.

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