Stressed: You should know this

I meet relatively often stressed, who find it difficult, confusing or unusual to be part of a sickness benefit system – which you automatically become when stressed and sick for a long time.

In this article, I focus on how – as well as possible now that you are stressed – can prepare you for the dialogue with the sickness benefit system, your doctor and your employer.

I have – unfortunately – been witnessing that stress sickers have felt the pressure of their doctor, employer or job center to sign up before they were really ready for it. As a stress barrier, you cannot resist what others make or decide. And you cannot check whether your sicknessing message will expire completely as you need.


As a stress bar, you can prepare yourself as well as possible. And I will tell you about this article.

In this article you will find knowledge about these two things:

  1. You get a lot of knowledge about what rights you have as stress-stricken and sick-minded, and how you can best relate to the different parties that influence your sicknessing.
  2. I give you input for how to prepare for meetings with the employer, doctor and job center, so it’s less likely that your sickness card will be shortened or prolonged unnecessarily.

There are different parties involved when you become sick: There is your practitioner, your employer (if you have one), your case manager at the job center and you’re possibly. Psychologist / stresscoach, etc., as well as your union (if you have one).

Here I am reviewing how to stress as a stress bar to each party in a sick leave.

Stress frame and your practitioner

It is important that you trust your doctor and experience that he / she understands your situation about stress and that he / she will back you up to being sick (ideally as long as you need it.)

It is NOT your doctor’s task to push you quickly.

As a stress strain, it is your task to give your doctor as much information as possible about your stress symptoms so that he / she has the best starting point to help you. Try to keep up with the facts when you have meetings with your doctor. That is, you are telling exactly what stress symptoms you have.

It is your doctor who illuminates you and prolongs your sick leave if needed. In this connection, you will meet up with your doctor for a call typically once a month. The Job Center may choose to obtain information from your doctor, so it is important that your doctor backs up your sickness report.

Many people happily find that your GP is a great help and that he / she supports, acknowledges and helps to enroll for as long as necessary.


However, some stressed people unfortunately feel that they do not feel met by their doctor and, for various reasons, do not recognize their symptoms as stress.

Basically: If you feel your doctor opposes or does not support and understand, then change your doctor. It can be done easily at, and ask if necessary. Your neighbor, friends and acquaintances if they can recommend a good doctor in your local area.

Stress frame and your employer

It is a good idea to make a follow-up plan with your employer about how he / she follow your sick leave. In such a plan, you make an expectation of your sick leave, so you do not have to go with a bad conscience to your employer and colleagues. Refer your employer to this article, where I tell you how your workplace can best support you through your sick leave.

Most employers need to have a good sense of how far you are in your recovery process. This may cause your manager to contact you often to hear how it goes. And many times there is a truly sincere desire to keep track of how you do it.

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However, it may seem very disturbing as being reported to be contacted on time and expiration.

Therefore, I recommend that you make an appointment with your manager right from the start on how often you have contact and how you are in contact. As a rule of thumb, it is abundant to talk at every 3-4 weeks, and it can easily be done by telephone or mail. That’s how you know when to talk to, and do not have to worry about being responsible for your manager always.

The meaning of your sick leave is, among other things, that you get as much peace of mind as possible to the full of your stress. And therefore you should also have as much peace of mind as possible from your workplace.