Business Notes


In the world of business,commercial and social relations are fundamental, because of them are born agreements that can be useful for the future of companies. If we want to get something from someone, surely we Business Notes have to meet with them, make them feel comfortable and raise our proposal.

Bussines lunch

Business lunches are usually very productive when it comes to establishing these types of relationships, even when the meal time is much more related to a moment of pleasure and recreation, it can be a good opportunity to get closer to our future business allies .
However it is good to keep in mind one thing, a business lunch is usually organized when we have previously had some business meetings in the office and it is more a way to secure ties and build trust , than to discuss details about any commercial transaction.

Tips for a successful business lunch

  1. Make the appointment: Obviously if we are the ones who are establishing the business relationship, we have to be in charge of the organization of the food, choose the site, choose a suitable table for the occasion and take into account possible tastes of our guest.
  2. Extend the invitation: The invitation must be formal but not too much, remember that these people are not your friends but you want to establish with them a bond and above all a comfortable relationship of mutual trust.
  3. Do not be unpunctual: It is very bad taste that if you are organizing this food, you arrive late or after your guest, take care of this, it can make you look like an unreliable person. Arrange your schedules so that you are there at least 15 minutes in advance.
  4. Not everything is business: It is best to use business lunches as a way to strengthen relationships and perhaps agree on one detail, but do not make all the food to talk about work as that can be tedious for your guest.
  5. Relax: it is important in these situations to be relaxed and be ourselves, prepare your presentation and be short, then let the conversation flow and enjoy the meal.
Obviously you must pay the bill, be attentive to your guest feel comfortable and attended, remember that this is the opportunity to show your guest that you are a serious person with whom it is safe to establish a business relationship and an alliance that can To bear fruit.
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