10 things you should NOT do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day comes loaded with tips, ideas and suggestions to enjoy as a couple. But to have the party in peace, we remind you of the 10 things you should not do on Valentine’s Day.

If you have a partner

Do not buy him a last-minute gift. Did you leave it for “later” and in the end it turns out that you have run out of time to buy a decent gift? Well, there are always stores that open 24 hours and sell boxes of chocolates and flowers. Yes, it’s true, but he recognizes that the flowers look like plastic and that the chocolates are not bad, but they are not the best presented in the world. Really, if you buy something like this, it is very noticeable that you do it to get by. It is better to resort to the imagination and write a funny note with a “voucher for … (whatever you can think of)” or even a love letter, which is free but worth much more than any last minute happy Valentine’s Day gifts 2018.

Do not give him the typical gift. The best sellers on Valentine’s Day are bouquets, stuffed animals and candy boxes. What’s wrong? Nothing really. They are tender and beautiful gifts … but they are much seen. Sure you can be more original. Also, think that your partner has already had other couples who gave him all that. Do you really want to make a difference? Nor do you go to the other extreme to make a gift too expensive or exaggerated, especially if they have been together for a short time.

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Do not ride a movie scene. It is well to dedicate a day to enter the game of celebrating Valentine’s Day, which after all is a commercial celebration (the Catholic Church is not even clear that this saint existed), but a detail is enough. Real love is demonstrated day by day. So it does not make sense for you to be romantic or choose that day to declare your love or ask for a marriage. Everything will sound a bit too exaggerated.

If you just left

Do not make fun of your friends in love. You may be tempted to laugh at the lovers, to ridicule their feelings and to shout to the world that Saint Valentines is a farce. But it is better to keep your opinion, because your sarcasm can offend your friends who do have a partner and are happy with it.

Do not use Facebook to air your bitterness. Expressing your opinion in writing is tempting, especially in social networks, where no one can interrupt or contradict you. But it is not the best way to vent. Your friends will think that you are too hurt and you will feel sorry for them, especially if you decide to write after drinking a few extra drinks.

Do not call or write to your ex. If he left you, do you really think he deserves to keep thinking about him on Valentine’s Day? It is better that you erase your number. And if the temptation is too strong, call better a good friend with whom you can vent to stay in peace. Then, laugh with her and turn the page.

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If you are single

Do not lament because “nobody loves you”. Yes, it may be that Valentine’s Day will catch you with low defenses, and that you feel sad because you would like to have someone special with whom to enjoy a romantic dinner, and instead you are at home alone, bored and Pajama. Well, he thinks it’s a commercial celebration and, as Escalate O’Hara said, “tomorrow will be another day” and will come loaded with new possibilities. You can also write a list with the advantages of being single, which are many.

Do not compare yourself with your happily paired friends. The comparisons are odious, because there is always going to be someone more handsome, richer, and happier or more in love than you are. Or so it seems to you, because first of all the comparisons are totally subjective. Stop believing that the grass is greener in the neighbor’s garden, because it is not true. Your friends may exhibit their happiness, but you can be sure that they also argue with their partners, go through crises and even long for the days when they lived single and carefree.

Do not be like, “Because I’m worth it!”. Of course you are worth it, because you are a unique and valuable person, regardless of your marital status. Really, you do not need to publish a photo showing chicks on social networks to show that you are sexy and happy even if you do not have a partner. That kind of behavior actually gets the opposite effect: that people think you do not love yourself too much and you need to show how wonderful you are (even if you do not believe it yourself).