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Three Things You Should Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Split and compressor air conditioning

We are already in the middle of summer and at the time in which more air conditioners are sold. If you are thinking of installing one, there are three things you should know before buying an air conditioner.

Normally, when buying an Air Conditioner Repair Brandon Fl we tend to look at the price, the amount of energy label “+”, the brand, the design, etc., but there are other things that we should keep in mind and that nobody tells us. We talk about where the outdoor and indoor units and the installation distance will be installed.

What to consider before buying an air conditioner

  1. Installation distance

Air conditioners from 2 kW to 3.5 kW have an installation distance (tube length between indoor and outdoor unit) which varies depending on the manufacturer. It counts the horizontal length and also the vertical length. Did you know that the greater the distance between the appliance inside and the outside the less the performance of the system?

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Not all manufacturers offer the same possibilities in terms of installation distances.

Compared to an installation of 5 meters of separation, one of 10 meters means a loss of performance of between 3% and 5%, and a 15 meter, between 7% and 10%. Do you think 5% is not much? What happens if we consider the 10-15 years of air conditioning?

  1. Installing the outdoor unit

Locating the outdoor unit is another important factor to consider before buying an air conditioner. Having adequate ventilation is essential, so if you install near a wall, remember that there should be enough distance for the air to flow easily. It is preferable to install it in a shaded location, the difference in temperature from being in direct sunlight or being in the shade may be 5 ° C to 10 ° C, and this difference may imply up to 20% excess consumption.

  1. Installing the indoor unit

As for the split units (the visible appliances hanging on the walls), the aesthetics is usually prioritized, but mainly it is necessary to take into account the greater energy saving.

Nowadays there are machines with energy efficiencies of up to 9.1 SEER, such as Toshiba, with configuration possibilities of eco operation or with Wi-Fi programming and A +++ efficiency with presence sensor, such as Mitsubishi Electric.

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Also the health issue is affected according to the air conditioning equipment that we choose. The best manufacturers incorporate filters capable of effectively eliminating air pollutants: bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust … And plasma filters allow the neutralization of up to 99% of bacteria.

In any case, it is advisable to go to an air conditioning professional before buying an air conditioner to perform an on-site inspection and help you buy the best equipment according to your needs.